Front of House Services

At Acuity, we are all looking to have an impact on not just delivering exceptional front of house services but crafting remarkable experiences and helping shape the future of the workplace.  


We provide a warm welcome to your guests, efficiently handle visitor management, and maintain an inviting atmosphere in your lobby.

Visitor Management

Lobby Hosting

Meet & Greet


Meeting & Events

Our team manages your meeting room spaces, offering AV support, and we can also support any aspects of event coordination.​


AV Support

Meeting Rooms Management

Hospitality Coordination

Workplace & Community Engagement

We act as ambassadors of your brand, delivering creative and engaging experiences to improve your people’s experience.



Pop up Events

Community Initiatives

Facilities & Floor Coordination

We take charge of organising and maintaining your workspaces for optimal use and flow, always proposing innovative on-floor solutions.

Space Management



Agile / Hybrid Working

Call Services

Our expert team is trained to handle all your call-related needs and support you operations.




Customer Enquiries


We ensure your workspace is safe and secure, offering vigilant and reliable security services. while also providing outstanding customer experience.

SIA Licensed Team

CCTV Monitoring


Highly Trained Team

Making great experiences happen in your workplace!

Our people are highly trained and passionate about delivering amazing experiences. They are supported by an experienced management team with a long track record of success in our industry.  

What our Clients Say


“What a breath of fresh air Acuity is for the industry. They are structured, well organised and driven, with a clear strategy on continuous improvement. What I find most pleasing, is that we work together as a partnership, setting realistic objectives/targets.”

– Property Management Client


“It was clear from the outset that senior management at Acuity genuinely cared, and in mobilising the contract they have gone the extra mile to ensure an excellent service in what is a complex and challenging environment.”

– Healthcare Sector Client


“Acuity are very focused on delivering a professional service that is tailored to our needs, rather than simply giving us what they could provide.”

– Professional Services Client

You ask, we answer

We’re always open to suggestions and customising our services to best fit the unique culture and needs of each organisation we work with.

If you have more questions, please contact us here.

Our reception service provides a welcoming and professional first point of contact for anyone visiting your workspace. This includes greeting visitors, answering and directing calls, assisting with inquiries, managing deliveries, and providing general administrative support. Our reception staff is trained to maintain a warm, friendly, and professional environment that aligns with your company’s brand and culture.

We understand the importance of employee wellbeing and team cohesion to productivity and overall business success. As part of our Workplace & Engagement services, we implement programmes designed to foster a positive and healthy work environment. This can include coordinating wellness initiatives such as mental health resources, and exercise programs. We can organise team-building activities and events, facilitate collaborative workspaces, and ensure that the office layout and facilities promote effective communication and interaction among team members. 

Acuity provides robust security services to ensure the safety and security of your workplace. This includes security personnel, access control systems, visitor management, alarm monitoring, emergency response planning, and liaising with local law enforcement when necessary.  Our security team is SIA licensed and our security solutions are custom-tailored to the unique needs and potential risks of your particular business and its facilities.

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